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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Molecular Interaction Study of β- BenzoylPropionic Acid in Ethanol at 298K Using Acoustic Parameters


AbstractThe density, viscosity and ultrasonic velocity of β- benzoyl propionic acid hasbeen determined for 2 MHz in different concentration ofethanol at 298K. Using values of density,ultrasonic velocity and viscosity the variousacoustic parameters for example , adiabatic compressibility (βA),acoustic impedance (Zs), intermolecular free length (LF)have  been evaluated. The structure ofsynthesized molecules of β-Benzoyl propionic acid was confirmed by spectralanalysis. All these parameters have been used to study the molecularinteractions betweensolute and solvent molecules.

Keywords: Density, viscosity,ultrasonic velocity interferometer,β-Benzoyl propionic acid.

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