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Entrepreneur Innovation and Growth in Aurangabad


The story of the Indian entrepreneurship is fillswith paradoxes. During the pre-colonial and colonial era, the entrepreneur wasseen more as a trader-money lender merchant, bound rigidly by casteaffiliations and religious, cultural and social forces ranging from thephilosophy of fate   to the system ofjoint family. Entrepreneurship as the present era understands was definitelynot forthcoming from this social segment. Political & economic factors hadan extensive effect on the entrepreneurial spirit. There were many issues thatimpact negatively on Indian entrepreneurship like Lack of political unity andstability, absence of effective communication systems, existence of custombarriers and oppressive tax policies, prevalence of innumerable   currency system until around the thirddecade of the 19th century.  IndianEntrepreneurship ruled by the community system in the Historical past. Brahmanswere learned men who had assisted the kshatriyas (rulers) in theadministration, vaishyas have performed trading and industrial productiveactivities and shudras engaged in an agricultural occupation. Also, the peoplewere organized in a very simple type of economic and social system.

                Inthe way to implement this concept to modern entrepreneurship, it can comparewith the villages are the organization and an entrepreneur is called as acraftsman. The independent India could claim to have created a conductiveclimate for spread of entrepreneurship. It is in this broad backdrop that thelater evolution and growth of Indian entrepreneurship has to be located.

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