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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Survey on Breast Cancer Detection using Deep Neural NetworkTechniques


Abstract Recent technological advancements inlife sciences have opened up possibilities not only to study biological systemsfrom a holistic perspective, but provided unprecedented access to moleculardetails of living organisms. Medical imaging techniques have widely been in usein the diagnosis and detection of breast cancer. The drawback of applying thesetechniques is the large time consumption in the manual diagnosis of each imagepattern by a professional radiologist. Automated classifiers couldsubstantially upgrade the diagnosis process, in terms of both accuracy and timerequirement by distinguishing benign and malignant patterns automatically.Neural network (NN) plays an important role in this respect, especially in theapplication of breast cancer detection. In this we propose techniques deepneural networks by integrating the predicting the prognosis of women breastcancer.

Keywords: NeuralNetwork, Brest Cancer, Deep Neural network and Images.

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