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Online Student PerformanceAnalysis System


Abstract Online Student Performance Analysis System (OSPAS) providesa interface for school maintenance. It can used by educational institutes orcoaching classes to analyse the student performance easily. The creation,analysation, up to date information regarding academic career of a student is criticallyvery important in an institution. Online student performance analysis systemdeals with all kinds of student details, course details, class details andacademic related marks details and reports. It keeps track on all details of astudent from the day one to the end of the academic which can be used for allreporting purpose. I also facilitate all student’s details in all aspects thevarious academic email notification to the parents about the performanceupdated by administration. Different reports, feedback and queries can begenerated based on vast option related to student, teachers. Course and evenfor entire college.

Keywords: OnlineStudent performance analysis system (OSPAS), Academic performance (AP),Subjects

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