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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Secure Method for Text Encryption using EllipticCurve Cryptography


Abstract:- Thispaper presents a secure policy for text Encryption by means of Elliptic CurveCryptography (ECC) where Cryptography is a transformation of unadorned messageto make them protected and Insusceptible from intruders. Hidden data fromCryptography can only be viewed by the authorized people. Elliptic curvecryptography has been a modern study area in the field of cryptography. Inother words, Elliptic curve cryptography is a methodology to public-keycryptography based on algebraic structure of elliptic arch (curve) overpredetermined fields.

                A modern method has beenprojected in this research paper where typical system of plotting character toaffine points in elliptic arc has been removed. This technique will eliminatethe expensive process of mapping whereas it pop ups an essential need to sharethe common lookup chart amongst the sender and the receiver. The algorithm isplanned in such a mode that it can be used to encrypt or decrypt, several formsof script with definite ASCII values. Here, the procedure of Encryption anddecryption is implemented very smoothly. Even with abundant words as input thistechnique serves, smaller size of cipher text as compared to previoustechniques.

As ECC equally,provides security & resolves the problem of large key size, it isappropriate for campaigns which have power, storage and processing limitation.

Keywords- Cryptography, Elliptic curve cryptography, Cipher text , Encryption anddecryption.

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