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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Hill Assist Control System


Abstract- In this project work the design and construction of a modelof automatic braking system for vehicles in hill stations is to be developed.The mechanism has been developed to stop the vehicle from rolling back wardwhen the vehicle is moving in the hill roads. This construction made of twophases in a first deigns of ratchet and pawl mechanism, frame, shaft, etc. isdone and in second sensor selection and interference is done. Ratchet and pawlmechanism has been fabricated and assembled with sensor interface is tested.The proposed mechanism is to lock reverse break using ratchet gear. By reverselocking the differential is disengaged from the axle. Thus the power isdirectly transmitted to the axle and hence to the wheels.

                This willconsiderably reduce the power loss in some occasions when unwanted loss ishappening due to the transmission of power from the shaft to the ratchet gearand then to the axle and hence to the wheels. So in mechanism the unwantedpower loss in the due course of transmission through the gear wheel is reduced.

Keywords: Kinetic Energy, Suspension, Electromechancial

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