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Green Engine


Abstract—The paper describes about the green engine, which can be considered among theinteresting discoveries of our era. It portrays unique features compared toother contemporary engines like high expansion ratio, strong swirling,sequential variable compression ratio, direct intake etc. due to the uniquedesign, efficiency of this engine is very high having exhaust emissions nearzero. The significance of the engine lies in the efficiency when the presentworld is facing some serious problems regarding energy crisis. Variousresearches on this engine is being carried out and yet to find the demerits ofthis engine. Generator prototypes have been produced by using green engine.Hence the GREEN ENGINE is the ENGINE OF FUTURE. There are many disadvantages ofconventional engine one of which pollution. Promising the lower emissions thispaper gives constructional details as well as advantages, some disadvantagesand application of green engine.

Keywords:Engine, Prototype,Compression ratio.

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