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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Attribute-Based StorageSupporting Secure De-duplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud using DROPTechnique


Abstract- In public cloud storage system protecting thedata and controlling the data access is a challengingissue. Cipher text Policy Attribute-Based Encryption(CP-ABE) has been adopted as a promising technique toprovide flexible, fine-grained and secure data accesscontrol for cloud storage with honest-but-curious cloudservers. However numerous works have been proposedusing CP-ABE scheme, in which the single attributeauthority must execute the time-consuming userlegitimacy verification and secret key distribution andhence it results in a single-point performance bottleneckwhen a CP-ABE scheme is adopted in a large-scale cloudstorage system. Clients may be stuck in the waiting linefor a long stretch to get their mystery keys, which resultsin low-efficiency of the framework. Even though themulti authority access control plans have been proposed,these plans still cannot conquer the disadvantages ofsingle-point bottleneck and low efficiency; because of theway that each of the authority still autonomously dealswith a disjoint characteristic set. In order to overcomethis disadvantage, there has been proposed a novelheterogeneous framework to remove the problem ofsingle point performance bottleneck and provide a moreefficient access control scheme with an auditingmechanism. This framework employs multiple attributeauthorities to share the load of user legitimacyverification. Meanwhile, in this scheme, a CA (CentralAuthority) is introduced to generate secret keys forlegitimacy verified users and each of the authorities inthis scheme manages the whole attribute set individually.This system makes performance improvement in keygeneration and also guarantees security requirement.Still there are some security loopholes in this system suchas there is no protocol to verify owner and if the owner iscompromised then he/she may put wrong data orinformation in the data server and users may get wrongdata. There is no way to know who has used the data.Keywords: ABE, De-duplication, Cloud storage, CP-ABEscheme

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