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Abstract- Grapes is an important cash crop of Nashik, India plays important role in the economy of the country. In India grapes is grown on 2.6 million acres. Its annual production is 54741.6 tons and average yield is 37-50 tons. The average yield of grape in India is low as compared to the Nashik. Among the different reasons responsible for low yield of grapes in India, insect pests are the most important one. About 100+ insects are associated with grapes. Among all insect pests, grapes stem borer is one of the serious problems in reducing he yield of grapes crop. Its caterpillars destroy about 20% of the young shoots annually. The stem, after hatching reach the plant base, bore into the shoot and feed there. In years of severe infestation, it reduces the grapes yield from 30-70%. The caterpillars feed in the stem and cut off the growing point (central whorl of the leave) causing the later to wilt and dry. The central dead shoot is also called "dead-heart". Such plants never grow further but the dormant buds sprout and produce side-shoots.
Annual production of grapes may vary due to duplicate & low quality fertilizers. Low quality fertilizers does not maintain proper NPK ratio & it may affect grapes yield .To overcome above problems we are designing system for Stem Borer Detection using sound sensors & NPK analysis using LED &Photo- diode.
Keywords - Grape, stem borer, Sound detector, buzzer, Optical transducer, NPK Fertilizer, LED, photodiode, Arduino.

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