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Abstract-The present paper highlights the benefits and advantages of inclusive educationfor person with disabilities. In the twenty-first century inclusive educationis exposed as the right of every child to be a part of mainstream society ( Ainsdowand Miles 2008, UNSESCO, 2003). Inclusive education is seen as an international agenda, relativelyrunning comparable to the objective of Education of All (EFA) ( Kalynanpur 2011, Miles and Singal2010). Inclusive education takes place only when children with disabilities andwithout disabilities put together in the mainstream classroom rather than thespecial classroom settings.  The benefitsand advantages of inclusive education are enormous for both students with andwithout disabilities. One of the important factors of success in inclusiveeducation program is the academic and social behaviors of students with andwithout disabilities. Inclusive education brings all the students together inone classroom without any discrimination, regardless of their strength andweakness in any area, and make uses their potential to enhance learning for all.  This paper focuses on benefits and advantagesof inclusive education which provides quality education and quality of life toall children with disabilities to have an independent life in the mainstreamsociety. The success of the inclusive education always depends on the effortand ability to coordinate and share their responsibilities among the staffmembers for educating children with disabilities. Inclusive education can bebeneficial when all the children share and achieve same educational goalsappropriate for them so the present educational structure and practices need tobe more reflective, accessible and collaborative in nature. This paper bringsout a comprehensive review on the level of benefits and advantages achieved byperson with and without disabilities in the inclusive education system.

Keywords–Inclusiveeducation, person with disabilities, Benefits and Advantages. 

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