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Abstract-Agriculture is the important sector of Indian
Economy since many years. Indian agriculture sector
accounts for 18 percent of India's gross domestic product
(GDP) and provides employment to 50% of countries
population. Robotics and internet of things offer better
solution in the precision agriculture. The existing
agriculture robot performs basic elementary Functions like
harvesting, planting and spreading of pesticides. The
proposed system aims at designing the autonomous
agriculture robot for ploughing, sowing, watering, soil
levelling controlled by android apps Bluetooth. Thus works
of farmer gets reduced, increasing yield by proper
maintenance using various sensors such as soil moisture,
humidity, temperature and PH. The objectives of the
proposed system are to dig the soil depending on the
moisture level in the soil, to plough the seeds with teeth’s
like structure at the end to turn the top layer of the soil
down, to close the seeds and level the ground automatically
and to provide irrigation system by spraying water with a
pump in the field. Motivation of proposed work is to
decrease harvesting cost and increase productivity. The
proposed hardware includes soil, moisture, temperature,
humidity sensors, Arduino board, stepper motors, D.C.
motors controlled through android application and
Keywords: - Movement, Agricultural robot, Arduino, Robot
Architecture, Agricultural Functions, Android, Sensors.

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