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Abstract: - For identifying diseases for plants we use nakedeye. But it is not accurate so SVM is used for predictionwhich is less accurate 70 % even if dataset is, thispaper we use Raspberry pi for identification of the diseases.Here we use the convolutional neural networks forprocessing of images. CNN uses various focal points toidentify the diseases in the plants. In research purposes it isvery useful because by this we can identify diseases of leafcorrectly using the CNN algorithm. Disease refers to type ofthe plant effected. Here we use the best algorithm to identifyand predict the plant lead disease. Easily identification ofdiseases will be very helpful because it will increase theproductivity and reduce chemicals on the plants. It willincrease agriculture yield with minimum cost which is veryhelpful now a days and we can get accuracy of 90% if datasetis good.Keywords— CNN, Raspberry Pi, Python

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