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Abstract:- Smart education has become an essential need for everyone with itsconveniences and quick-to-adopt modes. It has gathered the attention of peopleby interlinking various fields and disciplines of knowledge throughcommunication for educational purposes. A lot of research involves the area ofSmart Education. However, the challenges are the increase in the complexity andmore interoperability between systems in the distributed environment. Thelacking is reference architecture in which by reusing various technologyservices. It is proposed to design smart education architecture with emergingtechnologies services such as big data, blockchain, cloud computing, artificialintelligence, machine learning, smart computing, etc. The objective of thispaper to design a service-oriented reference architecture to smart education.This research paper reviewed the existing emerging technologies applied insmart education architecture that serves as the domain. This article proposes anew architecture called service-oriented reference architecture to a smarteducation system. The proposed architecture is a highly scalable solution forsmart education concerning applications, platforms and infrastructure.

Keywords: - Emerging Technology, Reference Architecture,Service-oriented Architecture, Smart Computing, Smart Education, and SmartLearning.

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