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Abstract: For anormal person, recognition of currency notes is an easy task but this is notthe case for a visually impaired person. A visually impaired person is one whohas partial visual impairment or someone who is completely blind. They face alot of difficulties in day-to-day activities including monetary trans- actions.They have difficulty in recognizing the paper currencies due to similarity ofpaper texture and size between different categories of currency notes.Institutions like banks can afford expensive hardware to resolve this issue ofcurrency recognition but for common people especially the visually impairedpeople cannot use this expensive hardware. The aim of this project is to help such people and provide them with acost effective solution. The idea of a currency recognition software isproposed in this project which will help in distinguishing different currencynotes. This system will be developed in the form of an Android application and willbe implemented using image processing techniques and will help in identifyingcurrency notes.

Keywords- Currencyrecognition, visually impaired people, Image processing techniques, Counterfeitcurrency notes, Tensor Flow

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