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This paper describes the designof a simple low cost GSM based security monitoring system using GSM technique.The security monitoring system using GSM undergoes analog to digital converterand with GSM Modem the message is send to mobile. ADC is used because Arduinoworks with digital inputs. GSM modem can be used at the transmitter side, theuser sends an SMS to the GSM modem using. The fire sensor is an integratedcircuit sensor that can be used to detect the fire. The fire sensor isconnected to Arduino and varying fire condition is sent to GSM modem, which issimultaneously performs the operation of sending message to a particular SIMnumber. GSM technology provides users with high quality signal, giving themaccess to high quality digital communication. GSM network operators can providetheir customers with cheaper text messing options.

The approach to industrialautomation and security system design is almost standardized nowadays. We havetried to increase these standards by combining new design techniques anddeveloped a low cost industrial automated security systems. Everyone wants tobe as much as secure as possible. The design of simple hardware circuit enablesevery user to use this wireless industrial security system with vibrationsensor, Motion sensor, Fire sensor, Door sensor and Main fuse Failure Detectorat Industries.

Keywords: Arduino, GSM, Door Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Motion Sensor, FireSensor, Buzzer, Pump, Relay, LED.

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