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Abstract:Cottonis a significant crop as having a vast production in India as well as inoverall world. Cotton has a historical significances also as it had createdchanges in industrialization. Now India has a significant export valuation inagricultural export. But still in India there is a lack of mechanism in farmingand also in cotton production also. Some innovations has made out in seeds thatincreased the production of cotton sector. But still in cotton farmingoperation or works like picking execution is still has traditional approach. Henceonly option is now to establish a particular picking method. We have gonethrough variations and then we selected a pneumatic cotton picker. The cost ofcotton production is excessively high, reducing the profit margin available tothe farmer. Picking is one of the major labour intensive operations in cottoncultivation consuming the lion's share of the expenditure. Hence the onlyoption available is the mechanical picking method. The development of cottonpicker will be the first step into the mechanization of cotton cultivation.Cotton harvesters are of two basic types, viz, picker and stripper.

Cotton bolls isgenerally picked by two methods i.e. hand picking (manual) method and picked bymechanical pickers. In hand picking method, due to non-availability of laborsduring peak season results in various losses and also affects the subsequentfarm operations. On other side mechanical pickers reduce the drudgery involvedin cotton picking and helps in achieving timeliness of operation. Now a day’smechanical cotton pickers are commonly used for cotton harvesting in developedcountries.

Keywords: Cotton fibre, cotton harvesting, cotton fibreproperties, suction type cotton picking machine

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