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Abstract: Nowadays, the security system of the nation depending upon the enemy’s war and so the security of the soldiers is considered as an important role in it. Concerning the safety of the soldiers, there are numerous tools to observe the health condition of the soldiers .The proposed system uses GPS to track the direction of the soldier in the form of latitude and longitude values. So that direction can be found easily. The proposed system can be mounted on the soldier’s body to track their health status and current location using GPS. These information will be transmitted to the control room through IoT. The proposed system comprise of tiny wearable physiological equipment’s, sensors, transmission modules. Hence, with the use of the proposed equipment, it is possible to implement a low cost mechanism to protect the valuable human life on the battlefield. Designing of this system using GPS and GSM gives a wireless system for tracking the location of the soldier and observing the heart beat rate and body temperature of the soldier.

Keywords: Soldier health, GPS, Node MCU, AES, IoT, etc

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