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Abstract:In the morning it is an important time to prepare you in front of the mirror,which is often slow and time-consuming. This Smart Mirror is able to handle avariety of problems in doing business in the same time.Just using the word"ALEXA", this voice service system will analyze questions and instructionsfrom users. Smart Mirror is a design based on the Raspberry Pi 4 that isequipped with high technology and innovative applications and is the latestdesign in place of the mirror that we use today. In this era of modernization,we've all been exposed to many things that lead to the development of thecountry and abroad. Usually, an individual becomes difficult to find enoughtime in the day to accomplish all the tasks that are part of life, somultitasking becomes necessary. The problem lies in identifying ways to controlall the factors that can affect a person individual to prepare us for each dayin addition to performing all the tasks those are important just in front ofthe mirror with more efficient.

Thebasic goal of this project is to create a product called smart mirror thatmeets the needs of common person and receive the general information like news,time, weather and also other needy information. This mirror is designed withthe ability to collect this information during the preparation of a morningdaily life in order to more efficiently and easily. To make this moreinteresting mirror, we can develop our products to include a variety of controlmethods, as well as music and other entertainment. In future we hope that theproject based on smart glass will enhance a innovative and modern way of life.The face recognition feature will improve the application level of the mirror.

Keywords: Raspberry pi 4; Smart Mirror; IoT;ALEXA; Voice services; Amazon

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