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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Annoyed Terminology Conception: Prospector Theory IntensionAbstraction New Annoyed Terminology Scenario


now a day in an organization product analysis
is an important part. Reviews assist the user to select top
product. Collections of reviews or comments given by
specific customer are suggesting the organization about
their quality of products. Also here Reviews are help to
change organization product. The growth of e-commerce
is rapidly growing also websites all reviews are accessible
now in different languages. So finding reviews &
fetching important data is a heavy responsibility.
Various methods are apply to Reviews come in form of
music, video, records, headlines also properly details are
captured is an important thing.
Data in the form of arithmetic help user.
Therefore the method to transliteration of judgment is
compressed & easy mode. So data mining system
negotiate this target from machine learning method.
Keywords:- Annoyed Terminology Information Absorption,
POS Tagging, Opinion Mining, Prospector Theory Intension
Abstraction, Chinese Opinion Analysis Evaluation.

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