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Abstract- Secure search overencrypted remote knowledge is crucial in cloud computing to ensure the infoprivacy and usefulness. to stop unauthorized knowledge usage, fine-grainedaccess management is important in a multi-user system. However, the approvedusers could by choice leak the key for monetary profit. Thus, tracing andrevoking the malicious user WHO abuses secret key must be resolved imminently.During this paper, we have a tendency to propose associate degree writtenagreement free traceable attribute primarily based multiple keywords set searchsystem with verifiable outsourced secret writing (EF-TAMKS-VOD). The keywritten agreement free mechanism may effectively forestall the key generationcenter (KGC) from unscrupulously looking out and decrypting all encrypted filesof users. Also, the secret writing method solely needs radical light-weightcomputation, which could be a fascinating feature for energy-limited devices.Additionally, economical user revocation is enabled when the malicious user ispuzzled out. Moreover, the projected system is in a position to supportversatile range of attributes instead of polynomial finite. Versatile multiplekeywords set search pattern is realized, and also the modification of thequestion keywords order doesn't have an effect on the search result. Securityanalysis indicates that EF-TAMKS-VOD is incontrovertibly secure. Potencyanalysis and experimental results show that EF-TAMKS-VOD improves the potencyand greatly reduces the computation overhead of users’ terminals.

Keyword: Authorizedsearchable encryption, traceability, verifiable outsourced decryption, keyescrow free, and multiple keywords subset search.

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