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Abstract: -In the present study, an attempt has been made to examinethe present status of water requirement and proposed rooftop rainwaterharvesting potential in the college campus. Building and campus of ADYPU campuslocated in Lohegaon, Pune and the average annual rainfall in the study area are763 mm is taken under the present study. The proposed study is entirely basedon primary data collected from fieldwork and secondary data such asSocio-Economic Review, District Statistical Abstract of Pune and variouspublished and unpublished thesis, article books, etc. The per capita dailywater requirement is calculated as number of person x 2 litres.

            ADYPUcampus comprises a total area of 100 acres and rooftop surface area of 18172m2. The Campus serves an approximate population of about 10,000 includingstudents, teaching and non-teaching staff, and daily visitors. The analysisrevealed that 20,000 l/d water is required for drinking. At present college hasalready 15 water storage tanks of 10 lakh litres capacity and excess demand ofwater meet with recharge of bore well. Rooftop rainwater harvesting estimatedis about 14170160 L. Thus the rooftop rainwater harvesting would be a solutionfor drinking and domestic water sustainability of college to some extent.Results obtained from the present study suggested that the rooftop rainwaterharvesting method is more applicable in college campuses located in thedrought-prone zone of Maharashtra which would enable to solve the problem ofwater scarcity up to a certain extent.

Keywords-Rainwater harvesting,Rooftop rainwater harvesting, Sustainability. 

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