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Abstract: The documentsummarization is becoming essential as lots of information getting generatedevery day. Instead of going through the entire text document, it is easy tounderstand the text document fast and easily by a relevant summary. Textsummarization is the method of explicitly making a shorter version of one ormore text documents. It is a significant method of detecting related materialfrom huge text libraries or from the Internet. It is also essential to extractthe information in such a way that the content should be of user’s interest.Text summarization is conducted using two main methods extractive summarizationand abstractive summarization. When method select sentences from word documentand rank them on basis of their weight to generate summary then that method iscalled extractive summarization. Abstractive summarization method focuses onmain concepts of the document and then expresses those concepts in naturallanguage. Many techniques have been developed for summarization on the basis ofthese two methods. There are many methods those only work for specificlanguage. Here we discuss various techniques based on abstractive andextractive text summarization methods and shortcomings of different methods.

Keywords:- TextSummarization, extractive summary, information extraction    

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