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Abstract: A countless data owners havemoved their information into cloud servers for their benefit formultiprocessing, where secret and sensitive information must be encrypted firstand then they are stored into cloud. Keyword search over encrypted data is veryimportant in cloud computing. To give security to unapproved data access,fine-grained access control is important in multi-owner system. Sometime authorizedowner’s loss the secret key for some amount. Thus, tracing and revoking theunauthorized user who abuses secret key should be comprehended quickly. In thispaper, propose a recognizable attribute based multiple keywords subset searchsystem with verifiable outsourced decryption. Keyword search greatly enhancessystem usability by returning the matching files when users' searching inputsexactly match the predefined keywords. In our solution, we extract the keywordsfrom the file and encrypted the keywords then added into the index. Instead ofstoring file and searchable index on a cloud system, the proposed system willstore the file on cloud and store searchable index on a private server. Whichgreatly reduces network congestion and representation overheads, also retrievalfast for files, and reduces the storage by file compression With enhancedsecurity using encryption techniques and permission to access the data, throughaccurate security analysis, we show that our proposed solution is secure andprivacy-preserving.

Keywords: authorizedsearchable encryption, traceability, verifiable outsourced decryption, keyescrow free, multiple keywords subset search

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