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Abstract: Monitoring andRecording of various medical parameters of patient outside hospitals has becomeWide spread phenomenon. The Reason behind this project is to design a systemfor monitoring the patient’s body at any time using internet connectivity. Thefunction of this system is to measuring some biological parameter of thepatient’s body like Temperature and heart rate , by using sensors and thesensors will sense the body temperature and heartbeat of the patient and sendsthe values to the server through WIFI-Module. All information about the patienthealth will be stored on the server, it enables the doctors to monitorpatient’s health, where the doctor can continuously monitor the patient’scondition on his Smart phone or to the patient’s love ones in case of homehealthcare In any critical condition the notification will be send to patient’sdoctor or relative on their android device having health care applicationinstalled in it .In this project we can monitor patient’s condition remotely andwe can secure their lives by giving emergency alert in real-time.

Keywords-Internet, IoT , Health Monitoring, Sensors , Health Care , Data , User .

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