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Abstract: - Inthe frame of zero-energy buildings, the integration of renewable energy sourcesalong with energy saving strategies must be the target. PV glazing is aninnovative technology which apart from electricity production can reduce energyconsumption in terms of cooling, heating and artificial lighting. It usesPhotovoltaic glass. Photovoltaic glass (PV glass) is a technology that enablesthe conversion of light into electricity. To do so, the glass incorporatestransparent semiconductor-based photovoltaic cells, which are also known assolar cells. The cells are sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Photovoltaicglass is not perfectly transparent but allows some of the available lightthrough. Buildings using a substantial amount of photovoltaic glass couldproduce some of their own electricity through the windows. The PV powergenerated is considered green or clean electricity because its source isrenewable and it does not cause pollution. There are hundreds of years or justa few decades left of non-renewable resource, the fact remains that it is afinite resource. At some point, fossil fuels are going to either be gone orthey are going to become too expensive to realistically use. We are in direneed to generate and innovate new possible ways to generate eco-friendlyelectricity. It's something of an uncomfortable fact that civilized society isalmost completely reliant upon fossil fuels for nearly every aspect of itsexistence. While fossil fuels have been integral in the development of mostindustrial nations, there are a few realities of using them that society needsto come to terms with. There are many arguments in favor of society's need forrenewable energy. In this context, the Photovoltaic glazing process incommercial, residential buildings and their impact on buildings energyperformance and occupants comfort are reviewed.

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