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Abstract: - The flood and drought condition in our country has been more frequent in past few years due to changing climatic conditions of the environment. Prediction of stage of river during the flood requires mathematical modeling of the river. This helps to take decision related to the flood protection and disaster management work in that area. In Maharashtra, Pune city faces problems of floods and damages during monsoon. Many bridges over rivers get submerged, resulting failure of communication facility, inundation of the city and surrounding area during this period. The flood prediction of Mutha River using HEC-RAS has discussed in this paper. This will be helpful for preparation of flood mitigation plan for Pune city as a curative measure for the control of flood in the Mutha River. This model also provides the depth of water, velocity as well as water surface elevation with respect to time. The study represents the importance of 2D modeling of flood problems which helps to develop management strategies to tackle the probable future events by employing flood risk reduction measures.
Keywords: - Mutha river, Flood modelling, Flood forecasting, HEC-RAS.

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