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Abstract- This project proposes automated 3D wire bending mechanism whichis flexible and capable of making any type of bend for industry applications. This paper describes the problems innowadays production of ribs, the most important assembling part of leverarchmechanism. The process of wire bending machine upgrade is presented and the controlprinciple for ribs geometry stabilization is proposed. Till recently, most of the wire bending applications were performedmanually and even if wire bending machines are available they can’t beafforded. Manual wire bending has a huge tendency to create errors, thusaffecting the efficiency of the wire for the specified treatment, in parallelwith the elongation of the treatment time. Besides, it can simultaneouslyincrease the bending time due to some additional major adjustments and leads tobender fatigue. In general, the accuracy of the bend is inconsistent anddepends on many factors, mostly on the expertise of the bender. Hence, due tothese limitations in the manual wire bending and some urgency to decrease thedependency on the bender’s competency, this project introduces a system that canbe used to create any type of bends on wire with great efficiency with the helpof microcontroller based bending mechanism.

Keywords – CNC wirebending, Concurrent engineering, Bend points planning, Bending code

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