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Abstract:Kneeprosthesis has done a lot of advancement in the recent decade as thisfacilitates people to do various activities even after their old age or someinjury. Knee-joint is a complex structure of the human body having a complexshape femoral condoyle which moves over the complex shaped meniscus of thetibia bone and acquires various critical loads at various walking, moving andsitting activities. Metal alloys have been the materials of choice since thestart of orthopedic surgery. The materials that are utilized as biomaterialsare cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, zr02 are mostusually utilized biomaterials for knee implants. The objective of this Projectis to prepare 3D CAD model of prosthetic knee joint implants study the distributionof von-misses stresses, total deformation, shear stress and in the same byassigning it the different combination of biomaterials for femoral and tibiacomponents. 3D modeling software Catia is used for 3D modeling of knee implantand finite element analysis software ANSYS 14.5 and finally concluded thesuitable material for knee prosthesis.

Keywords:Bio materials, FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Prosthesis, von-misses stresses,total deformation, shear stress, femoral and tibia components.

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