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Abstract: - In cricket, particularly the twenty20  format is most watched and loved by thepeople, where no one can guess who will win the match until the last ball ofthe last over. In India, The Indian Premier League (IPL) started in 2008 andnow it is the most popular T20 league in the world. So we decided to develop amachine learning model for predicting the outcome of its matches. Winning in aCricket Match depends on many key factors like a home ground advantage, pastperformances on that ground, records at the same venue, the overall experienceof the players, record with a particular opposition, and the overall currentform of the team and also the individual player.  This paper briefs about the key factors thataffect the result of the cricket match and the regression model that best fitsthis data and gives the best predictions.

Keywords: - cricket, indian premier league,prediction of match, supervised machine learning

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