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Abstract:We are aware that the various type of damage is done to environment in themanufacture of cement. It involves more number of carbon emission associatedwith other chemicals. Every one tone of cement manufacture emmite half tone ofcarbon dioxide that are shown by the researches   , that’s why there is an immediate need to control the usage of cement. On thehandthe waste material produced by   suchas Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash which are difficult to environment that causesenvironmental harzard is difficult to dispose which in return is environmentalHazard. The Bagasse ash imparts high early strength to concrete and alsominimizing the permeability of concrete. during hydration The Silica present inthe Bagasse ash reacts with components of cement and produced  additional properties likeal  chloride resistance, corrosion resistanceetc. Therefore the use of Bagasse ash in concrete not only reduces theenvironmental pollution but also increase the properties of concrete and also minimizethe cost. And also improve the concrete quality

Thefastest industrialization and urbanization in the country leads lot ofinfrastructure development. This process leads to various problems like insufficientof construction materials, increased productivity of wastes and other products.The reuse of plastic waste    as partialreplacement of coarse aggregate in M30 concrete.

Keywords:Bagaase ash, plastic waste,compression strength, flexural strength

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