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Abstract: Tower contains a basic principle method of vacuum; at the top of tower polluted air is pulled inside of the tower by vacuum action.  Particles of polluted air are filtered by the action of ionic filtration with the help of high voltage current (1400kw). Dust particles contains positive charged. This positively charged dust particles are collected at electrode which contain negative charged particle and arrest dust particles.  Ionic  filters  will  charge  and remove smog particles, blowing fresh air out  of  the  tower's  vents  which are provided in tower. The tower is totally made of steel & it can be transportable. The electric energy need to the tower is can be produce easily from wind or solar energy (1400kw). Height of the tower is 23 ft. Tower best location is the center of the area, which is affected by smog or pollution.  Smog depleting tower can clear the million cubic feet smog per hour. Means at a one day tower can purify the small town containing smog.

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