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Wireless Traffic Management System for Emergency 



India has the second largest population in the

world. It is a fast growing nation. However, the emergency

response is not up to par with global standards. In medicine,

the ‘golden hour’ refers to the hour following a traumatic

injury during which if prompt medical attention is given to

a patient, the likelihood of prevention of death is highest.

This in turn means that an ambulance must be able to get to

its destinations as quickly as possible. Traffic flow

management is a major obstacle in today’s developed urban

cities. In the ever-changing nature of traffic flow, it is







In this paper, firstly the Indian ambulance scenario

is briefly discussed. The primary objective was to develop an

embedded electronic system that can significantly mitigate

the problem of ambulances getting stuck at traffic lights.

With this project, we have tried to improve the response

time of ambulance in urban area.

Keywords:- Wireless, ZigBee, Nuvoton NUC140, Traffic

Management, Ambulance

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