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Abstract:-The pressure vessels are widely used now a daysProcess industry which serves for various purposes. These vessels are designedconsidering the operating parameters such as Type of fluids, Quantity, Volume,and mainly temperature and pressure. A pressure vessel is a closed containerdesigned to hold gases or liquids at a pressure and temperature substantiallydifferent from ambient pressure and temperature. The cross-section of thepressure vessel may be circular or square with flat end covers, reinforced by agate mechanism on both sides. This Project deals with the Finite elementanalysis of Pressure vessels with different type of heads keeping the samecylindrical volume and thickness. The desired pressure vessel is designed asper ASME standard section VIII, division I for 8 bar pressure and 24 litvolume. Thus some end connections are tested under FEA for the cause of findingstress concentration zone in each type of pressure vessel head under the samevolume and sane pressure. The aim of the project is different designs andstatic and thermal analysis using ansys software of describes, flat head andelliptical head pressure vessel has low stresses distributed as compare toother heads, so for most applications elliptical heads selected. It shows basicstructure and the finite element modeling for analyzing the pressure vesselswith different type of heads and different materials like Nimonic 80A,SA516Gr70 also under high stress zones. In this project we are working onapproximate stresses that exist in cylindrical pressure vessels supported ontwo saddles support are calculated under the different type of end connectionsby using Finite Element tool. Static structural analysis and is done in orderto calculate stresses in vessel finally concluded the suitable design andmaterial.

Keywords: -Pressure Vessel, Endconnections, Stress analysis, steady state thermal .

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