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Abstract: - Biometric systems based on touchless and less constrained palm print are being increasingly studied since they allow a favorable trade-off between high-accuracy and high usability recognition. Another advantage is that with a palmar hand acquisition, it is possible to extract the palm print as well as the Inner Finger Texture (IFT) and increase the recognition accuracy without requiring further biometric acquisitions. Recently, most methods in the literature consider Deep Learning (DL) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), due to their high recognition accuracy and the capability to adapt to biometric samples captured in heterogeneous and less-constrained conditions. However, current methods based on DL do not consider the fusion of palm print with IFT. In this work, we propose the first novel method in the literature based on a CNN to perform the fusion of palm print and IFT using a single hand acquisition. Our approach uses an innovative procedure based on training the same CNN topology separately on the palm print and the IFT, adapting the neural model to the different biometric traits, and then performing a feature-level fusion. We validated the proposed methodology on a public database captured in touchless and less-constrained conditions, with results showing that the fusion enabled to increase the recognition accuracy, without requiring multiple biometric acquisitions.
Keywords: - Deep Learning, CNN, Palm print, Finger FDM, STL, Slicing, Rapid prototyping, Layer.

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