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Generally a bridge is defined as a structure spanning a river, road, valley, depression or any other type of obstruction with a purpose to provide through passage of communication. This project is taken to study the torsion moment of inertia effect on reinforced concrete (RCC) girder super structure for the three lanes and skew angles by 0o, 15o, 30o, 45o, and 60o Degree and compare the results to study the characteristics of skew deck and also to investigate the skew effect if the bridge is subjected to IRC 6-2014 Loading.
The following analysis is going to be made using the software STAAD-PRO.
1. The effect of torsion moment of inertia in RCC T Girder with different skew angels.
2. The Effect of torsion moment due to torsion moment and with skew angles.
3. The effect of Skew angle in RCC girder.
The torsion moment of inertia is calculated based on the Timoshenko and Goodier. As skew increases the longitudinal bending moments are increased and the torsion moments also increased. Torsion moment is more at end girders compared to inner girder. For straight girder bridge no torsion moment is observed.
Key words: Skew Bridge, Torsion Moment of Inertia, Girder Bridge.

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