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XAbstract: Traffic collisions are one of the biggest issues impacting human life all over the world. Governments take a close look at this situation as they take the lives of people every day. The goal of this project is to establish a system for alerting drivers that would be useful in situations of emergency. This system will also prevent situations in which accidents happen. Thanks to the rapid increase in entrepreneurs, the changing economy of this century has made many new facilities possible for the population. Another business concept is car rental, which relies solely on confidence. The software will allow car owners to track how the creditor treats the vehicle. The unit consists of the GPS Module to track the location of the vehicle if there is an emergency, an alcohol sensor that does not activate the vehicle if the content of alcohol reaches tolerable levels, and the GSM module sends out an warning message and the location to each person on the alarm contact list. Speed is one of the underlying causes of a car accident. If the ambulance service could obtain incident reports and respond in time, more lives may have been saved. GPS is now an integral part of a vehicle system. This seminar analyzes a GPS recipient's ability to track the vehicle's speed and to detect a detected speed accident and to send an accident location to an emergency service centre. The GPS monitors the speed of a vehicle and compares it in every second to the previous speed through a microcontroller device. Whenever the speed is below the stated limit, an accident is presumed. The system will then send the location of the accident. GPS acquired together with the time and speed through the use of the GSM network. This helps reach the rescue service in good time and saves the precious life of man. The development of a transport system was the generative power of human beings to have the highest civilization above earthly creatures. Automotive matters greatly in our daily lives. We use it to go to our office, to contact our friends and family, and to deliver our products. But it can also lead to disaster and can even kill us by accidents. Speed is one of the most important and fundamental driving risk factors. Not only does it affect the severity of a crash, it also increases the risk of a crash. Despite the efforts of various government and non-governmental organizations around the world undertaken through various programs to combat careless driving, accidents happen every now and then. Nevertheless, more lives may have been saved if accident details could be received in time from the emergency services. Efficient automatic accident detection with automatic emergency service notification at the accident site therefore is a prime necessity to save the precious lives of man. This seminar aims to use the GPS receiver's ability to track the vehicle speed and identify incidents at controlled speed and send the location and time of an accident to the Warning Service Center from the GPS data managed by a microcontroller using a GSM network.

Keywords: - MQ3,Ultra Sonic Sensor,ADXL335.

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