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Abstract: The Construction Industry like any other heavy industries uses huge amount of resources off and on the field in the form of materials, plants & equipment’s and human resources along with money, time and space. In highway projects, the total project corridor is usually divided into sections and further to sub-sections for the ease of working and resource allocation. The resources are generally allocated to the working teams / groups on the basis of their productivity level and total volume of work allotted to the respective teams. In highway projects, the same resource is often used for different activities and the productivity of that resource being different for different activities, it becomes inevitable to know the correct norms for correct estimation, planning and monitoring. Apart from project aspects, this study is necessary from global business point of view also. Today, in this globalized business world, any company has to compete with competitors from throughout the globe. In such a situation, optimum usage of resources, according to one pre planned schedule, for the deliverance of an estimated output is an absolute necessity. This could only be done when a system of estimating the resource productivity subject to the project constrains is in place. The main aim of this project is studying resources required for highway construction and increases Resource Productivity in different condition. A detailed study and analysis of the resources' productivity in highway projects is absolutely essential for the prediction of production rate of any team / group and as a whole of a project team. Identification of the factors affecting the productivity of each of the resources along with formation of graphs, formulas and charts to estimate production is also essential for the easy going of the job of planning.

Keywords— Resource Productivity, Planning, Material Management

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