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Abstract: In India, near about 70% people are dependent upon agriculture. So the agriculture system in India should be advanced to reduce the efforts of farmers. Many farmers have suffered from a toxic chemical exposure after spraying pesticide on the crop. It is necessary to protect a plant. We must avoid a pest from plant Compared to spraying pesticides manually outdoors, the environment is more closed, and has a high temperature, humidity and so on for operating the spray work in the green-house. In order to protect laborer and reduce labor intensity, we develop a prototype of pesticide spraying robot specially used in the greenhouse. Robot is controlled with a PIC16F877A microcontroller. Designing of the latest inverted ROBOT which can be controlling using an APP for android mobile. We are developing the remote buttons in the android app by which we can control the robot motion with them. And in which we use Bluetooth communication to interface controller and android. Controller can be interfaced to the Bluetooth module though UART protocol. According to commands received from android the robot motion can be controlled.
Keywords:-Pesticide, Robot, Agriculture, Android Smartphone, Bluetooth Module, Robot, Single Microcontroller Chip.

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