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Abstract: In recent years, the strengthening of the components of structures has become essential for any type of structure. So, FRP strengthening seems to be an effective alternative for such retrofitting. Various studies are available for strengthening of concrete structures with FRP but limitations are there in use of FRP in steel structures. Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) to strengthen steel structures, especially to steel beams has attracted a great opportunity to the researchers. Use of CFRP laminates than other forms of FRPs for rehabilitation of steel I-beams is rapidly increasing in recent years due to its properties such as, high tension strength, low weight and high strength to weight ratio. Also it is very flexible and forms all kinds of shapes and thus it is very easy to use on existing structures. This paper reviews the work of various researchers on use of CFRP laminates to strengthen the steel I-beams. The study shows that, this technique gives very good results on overall behavior of steel I-beams.

Keywords: CFRP, Laminate, Strengthening, I-Beam, Adhesive

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