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Abstract: Shell and tube are designing part of pipe stack heat exchanger. In this project we perform analysis on saddle support to designing Heat Exchanger. There are three analysis and calculation done for it. Firstly we done Thermal design calculation to obtain some unknown input. Primary input where got from customer. Optimization done in baffle spacing and pitch for thermal design. Then we done material selection and select SA36 as material . For this detained process in project report. Our next step toward FEA analysis to optimize saddle support for its stress, displacement and factor of safety.

This analysis done by Solidwork Software. Then we performed CFD of Shell to know how fluid affect the side wall. It also used to reduce the pressure drop . Different parameter are calculated from result obtained. Multiple graph of FEA and CFD generated . These have been analysed and discussed to find out optimal result for which Heat Exchanger give the best performance and optimized.

Keywords: - pipe stack heat exchanger, performance analysis, Solidwork, FEA analysis ,CFD analysis.

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