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Abstract: The alternative energy source of municipal waste water for micro hydro power generation, are detail discussed in the present investigation. Reuse of municipal waste water can be a stable, inflation proof, economical, reliable and renewable energy source of electricity. Both the historical and the present day civilization of many kind are closely interwoven with energy and there is no reason to doubt but that in the future our existence will be more dependent upon the energy. Electrical energy occupies the top position in the energy hierarchy. But conventional sources of electricity generation are limited in used. So there are many renewable energy resources are used for generation safe fluid. Electricity such as: solar energy, Biomass energy and wind energy etc. But in the modern day one of the most useful resources are including for generation of Electricity is “Sewage based Hydro power plant”. The plant will convert municipal liquid waste into power, meeting the energy needs of approximately 35000 homes. Sewage is generated by residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial establishments. It includes household waste, liquid waste from toilets, baths, Showers, Kitchen, Sink.
This study presents a methodology to assess the potential for hydropower in wastewater systems, either upstream or downstream of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). An algorithm was developed in two phases, first to estimate the annual electricity production in selected areas based on the inflows to each WWTP and second to carry out an economic evaluation of the feasibility of each scheme considering local investment costs and local electricity sell tariffs. The developed method was applied to the case study of new naidu.
Keyword: Waste water, Turbine, Concrete panel.

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