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Abstract: -Now a days India is developing country in the world. Water is the mostimportant element of among the natural resources. In many developing countries,access to clean and safe water is a big critical issue. More than millions diepeople because of diarrhoea which is caused by polluted water. Developingcountries pay cost high to import chemical for water treatment. In our country,we need to use our surface water sources therefore save our water bodies whichare contaminated due to disposal of uncontrolled domestic and industrial wastewater, so water treatment is a must duty to us. Coagulation is a conventionalstep of water purification and bio coagulants are new horizon  to go green, turbidity, Ph, hardness import agreat problem in water treatment. The pH of human blood is strictly maintainthe lungs and kidney spare nothing to keep the pH tightly controlled since theconsequences of the blood pH changes would be life threatening.

Moringaoleifera and aloe vera where used as local locally available natural coagulantin this study to reduce turbidity, pH, hardness. Many chemicals are alsoassociated with environmental problem and human health. So, there raised avoice to develop cost effective, easier and environmental friendly process ofwater clarification so, that's why natural coagulation are used such as aaloe-vera, moringa oleifera. Desirable to substitute this chemical coagulantswith natural coagulant cost effective to outside the aforesaid disadvantages.So water treatment is a most used to us, aim of using all of these coagulant tomake the mix proportion to treatment of the water.

Keywords: - water treatmentprocedures, Aloe Vera, coagulation-flocculation

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