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Abstract: Active soft orthotics is a specialty within the medical fieldconcerned with the design, manufacture and application of active soft orthoses.Active soft orthotics includes neck braces, lumbosacral supports, knee braces,wrist supports and ankle foot. An orthotic device means a support, brace, orsplint used to support, align, prevent, or correct the function of movableparts of the body. Over the past few decades, highly sophisticated humanassistive devices, including orthotics has begun to emerge. Orthotic treatmentis the most common method for the foot-drop cases. Orthotic device has thepotential not only for preventing the development of abnormal gaits over timebut also for providing immediate assistance in walking. More recently, activesoft orthotic devices have been developed, utilizing pneumatics and softsensors. The soft nature of these devices increases user mobility and limitsmuscle atrophy in non- actuated degrees of freedom relative to rigid orthotics,allowing greater comfort for extended use and inclusion in a wearer’s dailylife. Acceptance and community acceptance become especially important fordevices to be used by children. The prototype is composed of three physicallayers: base, actuation, and sensing.

In Intelligent Active soft orthotics- ankle foot (IASOAF), we are usingsensors, dc gear motor, ADC, switching unit, microcontroller, communicationprotocol and monitor. At the input side, sensors are connected and according tothe value of sensors, the actuation process is happening

Keywords—Intelligent Active soft orthotics- Ankle foot (IASOAF), sensor,microcontroller, communication protocol

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