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Abstract: - Recent studies confirm that humans respond and react to music and that music has a high impact on person’s brain activity. The average American listens up to four hours of music every day. People tend to listen to music based on their mood and interests. This project focuses on creating an application to suggest songs for user based on their mood by capturing facial expressions and eyes. Facial expression and eyes is a form of nonverbal communication. Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that helps convey a high-level understanding of digital images or videos to computers. In this system, computer vision components are used to determine the user’s emotion through facial expressions and eyes. Once the emotion is recognized, the system suggests a play-list for that emotion, saving a lot of time for a user over selecting and playing songs manually. Our system also keeps track of user’s details like number of plays for each song, sorts songs based on category and interest level, and reorganizes the play-list every time. The system also notifies user about the songs that are never played so that they can be deleted or modified.The world of science cannot be measured in terms of development and progress. It shows how far human mind can work and think. It has now reached to the technology known as “Blue Eyes Technology” that can sense and control human emotions and feelings through gadgets. The eyes, fingers, speech are the elements which help to sense the emotion level of human body.
Keyword:- Emotion recognition, Computer vision, Camera, Music, Categorization, recommendations.

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