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Abstract:-Security and privacy of data is the at-most preference irrespective of the typeof data being stored in the cloud for users. Data sharing should be allowedwith conditional dissemination to control the access of data by determiningassessment policies and methodology which will provide network security and reducethe network (data transmission time) between two virtual machines present ondifferent physical machines. When we focus on Could Computing domain inconnection to data as a service we need emphasize on the following characterslike DO who owns the data we store in the cloud, in turn, DU who gets benefitsover the Data owed by DO of course who consumes Data-as-a-Service through cloudservers by privileged access of service data, which is recommended to be atrustable and flexible mechanism. This process is to be optimized in terms ofData pertained in Servers and Privacy-preserving on data interactions overcloud servers by users DU. In certain decisive situations, corporeal identitymay be lost for DO even though Cloud Service Provider Authority pretends toassure the accessibility of proprietary data of DO. Data for service of coursewill be encrypted with sophisticated techniques like AES by quad blockmodularization Block key. Also, Data interaction Time delays are to beconsidered in making the above-said process more effective and efficient in theperspective of Data-as-a-Service. To make the reliable and secure the processwhich in turn is a salient feature will be organized by Third Party Authoritywho decrements obligatory computational ad hoc s in possessing data. Using theabove process helps us to overcome the tribulation issues of data security andtransit over hybrid cloud such as secure key management, need for isolationmanagement, data ownership issues, quality of services for data transit.

Keywords:- CloudSecurity, preserving, block rule.

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