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Abstract:- With the rapiddevelopment of the Internet and other associated technologies, many onlineplatforms have started selling data to their customers so that the customerscan make use of the data and get new clients and expand their businesses. Hencethe collection of person-specific data has gained much importance in recenttimes. In the data market scenarios, the raw data is collected from the datacontributors and uploaded into the cloud servers. This stage is called the dataacquisition layer. The cloud service provider processes the data and shares itwith the data consumers as per their requirements. But in real-time scenarios,the data consumer cannot verify whether the data collected and processed istruthful and accurate. The data contributors are collecting and handlingsensitive information and hence they might not be ready to share sensitiveinformation with unauthorized users and uploaded to a public system like thecloud. Hence it is very essential to ensure the truthfulness, accuracy,integrity, and privacy of the data is protected while using it in a cloudenvironment. In this project, we have come up with a novel mechanism thatensures the accuracy integrity privacy, and truthfulness of data in the cloudenvironment using techniques like encryption, identity-based signature, batchverifications, etc. The model has been tested with the real-time data set andit produced desirable results. The system outperforms the existing system andit is scalable for large data markets. The computation and communicationexpenses incurred during this process are also low compared to the traditionalsystem.

Keywords:- Cloud storage, public cloud auditing, securededuplication, batch verification

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