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Abstract:- A hydro-mechanical energy conversion system is aPelton-wheel impulse turbine that transforms elevated water's gravitationalenergy into mechanical operation. Using an electrical generator, thismechanical work is transformed into electrical energy. In the high head and lowwater flows, the Pelton turbine was used to set up a micro-hydroelectric powerplant due to its easy design and ease of development. The turbine parametersmust be included in the design procedure in order to achieve a Pelton hydraulicturbine with optimum efficiency under different operating conditions. UsingMATLAB SOFTWARE, all design parameters were measured at full efficiency hereThese parameters included turbine strength, turbine torque, runner diameter,runner length, runner velocity, and bucket dimensions, bucket number, nozzledimension, and specific velocity of the turbine. Designing a Pelton Turbinebucket and testing its suitability for the Pelton turbine were the main focus.The literature on the design of Pelton turbines is scarce; this work exposesthe theoretical and experimental aspects of the design and study of a Peltonwheel bucket, while using the standard rules to design a Pelton wheel bucket.The bucket is intended for optimum effectiveness. The modelling and study ofthe bucket was performed using SOLIDWORKS 2015. The material used in thedevelopment of Pelton wheel buckets is analysed in detail, and thesecharacteristics are used for analysis. By considering the force and consideringthe pressure exerted on various points of the bucket, the bucket geometry isstudied. For the static case, the bucket was evaluated and the Vonmisestension, static displacement, and safety factor results were obtained.

Keywords: - Hydro Power Plant,Pelton Wheel Turbine Blade

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