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Abstract:- The paper is mainly focused on aiding the speech impaired andparalyzed persons. Person who unable to speak considered as truly disable.There are so many methods that they are using to communicate with normal peoplebut the method we are using in this project is sign language. People who havedifficulty in speaking with normal people, using a sign language to talk withbut many people are not able to understand it . So we have developed a systemnamed as “sign to speech converter” which will take sign signal as input andgives output in speech format. The main intent of the system is to properlyrecognize and translate gestures in speech as well as text.  9 billion people in the world are deaf which quitelarge number to ignore is. So, the system contains flex sensors,microcontroller and the voice module. Flex sensor are placed on the fingerswill sense the gesture and convert it into the speech by using microcontroller.

Keywords:  Flexsensors, Microcontroller (at mega 328P),Voice Module, LCD, Sound

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