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Abstract: - Herethe introduction of an innovative novel tone mapping operator which is best fordesigning the local structures by rendering various vectors in the images isproposed. Here the quoted novel operator outperforms the all previous operatorsin by enhancing the image in the best possible way. The operator fusions thevarious versions of individual dynamic range (High) that obtained by avoidingand normalizing the intensity based on a set of disjoint intervals.  These distinct intervals of neighboringpixels across the various articraftes enhanced the contrast in better way byclipping the indicator function of weight map. The paper describes the everysingle stage of the images by proving the histogram of each stage and theirmeans and entropy of the image is also better compared the previous one. Forthis purpose we are using a fast bilateral filtering algorithm of histogramequalization. Here the histogram equalization of the image with the help of abilateral filter provides the indication of the most well developed outputswith the best possible encouraging way. Therefore the operator is referred asfast bilateral histogram equalization that diffuses the input image along withindicators. It also outperforms the favorable tone mapping algorithmspreviously introduced.

Keywords: - Tone-mapping, high dynamic range,X-ray images, Fast bilateral filtering, histogram equalization & MMSICHE.

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