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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Effect of Floating Column on Seismic Response of Multistory Building


Differentparts of the world has seen adverse effects in high rise multi-storey buildingsdue to earthquakes because of different irregularities present and inadequatelydesigned structures. A structure is regarded as vertically irregular if it hasirregular distribution of stiffness, strength and mass along the buildingheight. Irregular building provided with floating column makes it much moreirregular with discontinuous load path and are probable to collapse duringearthquake. Floating column due to discontinuity in load path makes theperformance of building weak. In the present study high rise G+10 building withregular structure and with irregularity are studied and analyzed with andwithout floating column. Thecritical position of floating column has been studied for different locationsaround the periphery columns for both regular and irregular structures for zoneV. The study highlights the response of G+10 high rise regular and verticallyirregular building with and without presence of floating columns subjected toearthquake forces. The various response parameters such as base shear, storeydrift, node displacement, shear forces and bending moments are studied in thevarious models. The results are compared to determine the effects of presenceof floating column in a building.

Keywords: Floating Column, BaseShear, Storey Drift, Node Displacement, Shear Force, Bending Moment

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